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Traditional Khmer Massage: Traditional Khmer Massage is primarily on the Chinese acupressure system and Ayurvedic medicine, using passive stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines to relax the body and eas muscular tension. Your therapist will manipulate your body into different position to help improve flexibility and encourage energy flow.

Aromatherapy Massage: Aromatherapy Massage uses essential oils devied from plants to achieve therapeutic benefits. The essential oil absorbs through the skin and carries throughout the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and muscular systems. Benefits include mental clarity relaxation, stress and headache alleviation. 

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Aromatic Salt Scrub: Aromatic Salt Scrub uses mineral salt and aromatic essential oil to exfollate and nourish the skin by rmoving dead skin cells to reveal a younger skin layer. The minerals in the salt can reduce inflammation while flush out toxins.

Jasmine Rice Scrub: The Jasmine rice scrub is enriched with vitamin E, a natural powerful antioxidant that is a delight for the skin. This creamy scrub from the skin and reduces wrinkles balancing the skin's complexion.

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A Perfect Balance (All Skin Types): This rejuvenation facial is perfect for all skin conditions, especially with dull and fatique skin from stress or lack of sleep. Green apple and peach mask will rebalance a clear complexion.

Oxygenating & C Booster: Does your skin appear devitalized, lifeless, or dull, due to fatigue, daily stress, ectic lifestyle, or sun damage? Infuse your skin with a unique selection of repairing actives, regenerate and visualize as skin oxygenation is reinforced. High-performing replenishing extract vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid enrich, rendering your skin remarkably radant and youthful.

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Golden Moor Mud Wrap: Moor mud known as detoxification therapeutic and deep cleansing property, the rich mineral mud mask relaxes muscle tension and enhances blood circulation.

Natural Thai Herbal Wrap: White clay and Thai herbs are used to improve your skin's texture and suppleness. This recipe is popular for tightening and nourishing skin.

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Autumn Bath: Fresh orange senses in floral milk bath. This pampering and elegant experience that soothes and relaxes the body.

Golden Milk: A chamomile tea and milk bath helps keep th skin soft and smooth.

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